- LSS Consulting offers services in various industries. Whether the financial sector, manufacturing sector or telecommunications, our years of experience in managerial positions gave us the necessary knowledge and experience that we are now able to pass to our clients. We will introduce you Six Sigma methodology and teach you how to use its tools. We will set up business processes so that you are more efficient and more successful in your business. For more information please contact us at: or call +420 606 375 500.

Lean Six sigma implementation

Implementation of Lean Six Sigma is not only a change of management from intuition toward facts and data, but also cultural change of customer's work environment. Not every company that has decided to implement Lean Six Sigma really succeeded in change of the cultural environment. Our team knows the major pitfalls.

Value stream mapping

The method aims to draw in detail the current state (the mapping of material and information flows in the customer's company) flow of "value" in company, to identify possible causes of waste, remove the causes and suggest a future state. Based on data visualization ( current state) company is looking for the longest operation that does not add value in the material and information flow and transformation from the current to future state is proposed.

Sales Force Effectiveness

Sales Force Effectiveness can help your company to solve problems like stagnating sales volumes, loss of market share, stagnating or falling motivation of sales team, insufficient level of competence of the sales team.

Process optimalization of Executor Office

Process optimalization of Executor office means reducing the number of complaints by Chamber of Executors for minor discrepancies in the office. By clarifying all the necessary steps in the process we eliminate duplication of activities, and thereby reduce the complexity of working procedures.

Interim Management

If you do not have enough trained Lean experts, Green Belts or Black Belts, we can offer you customed project management using DMAIC, DMADV or Lean method.