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Process optimalization of Executor Office

Process optimalization of Executor office means:

  • reducing the number of complaints by Chamber of Executors for minor errors in the office (experience shows that errors can be reduced by up to 20% )
  • by clarifying all the necessary steps in the process we eliminate duplication of activities, and thereby reduce the complexity of working procedures ( doubling is possible to reduce up to 10 % )
  • identification of places where you can improve processes and suggest their potential "IT" solution to your information system or to implement new external already proven IT solution
  • be prepared to solve in a standardized way much larger amount of files than you manage in office now.

Possible output of our specialist:

  • he maps processes ( AS-IS model) of Executor Office
  • identifies bottlenecks in the process of Executor Office
  • uses reference database of processes (best practice processes) as a basis for further improvement
  • proposes improvements in processes, including process control ( TO-BE) model
  • proposes key performance indicators ( KPIs), provides primary data gathering based on data inputs from Executor Office
  • creates first draft of dashboard for KPIs monitoring
  • trains process owners in customer company – Executor Office

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