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Preparation for LSS certification

Training courses are just first step to obtain LSS certification. We also help participants of our trainings Lean, Green Belt and Black Belt with preparation to defend their projects and consequent obtaining of certificate.

Usual time needed to obtain certification Lean Six Sigma

  • Lean Expert (1 Lean project) - 4 hours
  • Green Belt (1 DMAIC project) - 5 hours
  • Black Belt (2 DMAIC projects) - 8 hours

Master Black Belt usually helps with

  • advise participants of training courses Lean Six Sigma how to successfuly present project in the form of storyboards.
  • examines storyboard of developed and presented project
  • provides feedback on the storyboard as the formal and content aspect
  • focuses on achieving measurable goals declared in the project definition phase
  • responds to questions asked by participant of training course

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