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Black Belt (DMAIC)

3x 5 day training. Introduction to complete DMAIC methodology, work with data.

Participant of training is able to work as internal improver and project manager.

What is included in training:

Introduction to DMAIC methodology and it′s 5 phases Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control.

  • explanation of Lean Six Sigma tools like Team Charter, CTQ, QFD, FMEA, Fish Bone diagram, Pareto Analysis, Measurement System Analysis, Process Analysis, Graphical Analysis, Mistake Proofing and Control Charts
  • work with statistical and simulating software
  • tools application on real business cases
  • work with data, introduction to statistical analysis of data ( continuous, discrete data),statistical hypothesis testing, regression analysis and classical linear regression model, simulating methods, Screening DOE, Factorial DOE
  • techniques of Change management
  • participant of training will be able to lead small project improvement team, present project milestones to top management and focus on achieving measurable objectives
  • participant will obtain certificate of attendance

Length of training: 3 x 5 days

Calendar of trainings | Pricelist

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