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Green Belt (DMAIC)

2x5 day training. Introduction to the DMAIC methodology and work with data and statistical analysis of data. After completing this training you will be prepared to lead small project improvement team and present project milestones to top management.

What is included in training:

  • introduction to methodology DMAIC and it′s 5 phases Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control
  • explanation of Lean Six Sigma tools like Team Charter, CTQ, QFD, FMEA, Fish Bone diagram, Pareto Analysis, Measurement System Analysis, Process Analysis, Graphical Analysis, Mistake Proofing and Control Charts
  • tools application on real business cases
  • work with data, introduction to statistical analysis of data ( continuous, discrete data),statistical hypothesis testing, regression analysis and classical linear regression model
  • focus on measurable project milestones
  • participant will obtain certificate of attendance

Length of training: 2 x 5 days

Calendar of trainings | Pricelist

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