Project Excellence

- Project Excellence – facilittcion of KAIZEN workshops , LSS Mentoring and identification and prioritization of customer projects. For more information please contact us : or call +420 296 508 530

KAIZEN Workshop

Preparation of workshop agenda, according to set goals and expectations (along with the customer) and materials for effective team work during the workshop.

Preparing agenda for the workshop takes about 3-5 days, own workshop lasts 3-5 days.

Project identification and prioritization process

Identification and prioritization of projects is internal process which is based both on long-term strategy of the customer, short-term business plans as well as from other sources (capacity of production lines, number of employees, etc.) and restrictions.

Cooperates with company management to collect data and information on key customer initiatives for the next period. Organizes Workshop, in which projects are prioritized. The usual output is a list of key projects, including proposals for their "team charters".

LSS mentoring

LSS Mentoring is service where experienced Master Black Belt or Black Belt develops Lean Six Sigma skills and knowledge of less experienced colleague, like Green Belt or trained Lean Expert on real project led by Green Belt. Goal of LSS Mentoring is to minimize project failure, thus increasing the chance of achieving the desired objectives.