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Project identification and prioritization process

Identification and prioritization of projects is internal process which is based both on long-term strategy of the customer, short-term business plans as well as from other sources (capacity of production lines, number of employees, etc.) and restrictions.

Process objective is to create such portfolio of projects, that would best support company strategy and achieving short-term plans. Portfolio that would be sufficiently secured in the human resources and that will have a business case with the desired return on investment in the form of project budgets.

Master Black Belt or Black Belt

Cooperates with top management:

  • ensures collection of relevant data and information about key customer initiatives for next period
  • identifies key projects and its connection to company stratégy
  • collects information about internal human resources and customer capacity
  • proposes criteria used for project prioritization
  • together with partners on client side he prepares data and information relevant for workshop
  • organizes workshop during which projects are prioritized
  • leads workshop and directs participants to achieve goals
  • prepares report from workshop, including list of prioritized projects and ensures its understanding throughout the firm

Time requirement

Program requires usually 5 – 7 days for preparation, 2-5 days for workshop, 2-3 days for summary, communication and completion of the process.

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